Man Decides To File For Divorce After Taking A Closer Look At This Photo!

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Love, marriage, and the inevitable dangers of temptations all go into the daily highs and lows of any relationship. It is no question that technological advancements have made communication through social media far easier than they have ever been before. So easy that many couples enjoy each other's company daily without even being next to each other, how do they do it?

By sending real-time pictures and videos to their partners, but what happens when a picture shows more to a story than you were ready or willing to share? Well, this couple in Portugal can certainly agree that some pictures do more damage than intended. So much damage that you won't believe how this story unfolds!

The story you are about to read, on the next pages, is a made-up story and is written with the purpose to entertain.  The story and the people are not real and the photo's that have been used are Stockphoto's.