3 insane rules that astronauts have to live with


At some point in life, everyone must have wondered what it would be like to explore space. Only astronauts get to live this dream. Living in space for real is not at all fun. Being an astronaut is harder than you realize. You have to get out of your comfort zone. You have to go through a lot of hardships. Let’s have a look at three rules that astronauts have to live with by in order to survive in space.

Zero gravity affects the human body in numerous ways, and one of the weirdest reasons is that you don’t even get to know if you want to pee or not. As the pressure, you feel on your bladder on Earth isn’t there and astronauts are trained to use special kinds of washrooms in space. They store the urine and later convert it into drinking water, for real, yes! Astronauts even have to wear adult diapers in space. 

Again, due to zero gravity, you cannot even burp in space, as you will throw up. The contents in an astronaut’s stomach also float as the astronauts float in space. When on Earth, the gas in a person’s body is lighter than solids or liquids and comes out as a burp. Whereas in space, it all gets mixed up in your stomach, and when you feel the need to burp, it can all come out. An astronaut from NASA came up with a technique called ‘push and burp’ to deal with this issue. 

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The astronauts have to exercise for two hours every day because when they are floating, their muscles become inactive, resulting, and their bones cannot absorb calcium. The sweat produced while exercising doesn’t stick on their skin and make little clusters. The astronauts even collect this sweat and reserve it for drinking water.