5G will make your phone even more addictive

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The internet has changed the way we live and the way we deal. Its unlimited prospects have allowed us to do anything and everything, at any time and any place. And that is going to get even better for North Americans in 2020.

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Yep, you have heard it right. After 4G dominating the smartphones and technology, it is the time to unleash the power of 5G that will change everything about the technology. This is not only going to make our smartphones even more powerful but with better media streaming, and better temptations like AR and VR. The addiction to the smartphone will be enhanced by manifold.

This is not what we are saying, but the new report from Ericsson, the wireless infrastructure provider submits that the new generation of mobile broadband – 5G will be ruling North America in the upcoming year. This commercial launch of 5G holds a lot more potential than 4G. Not only it will promote better user experience, but it also will enable ten times lower cost per gig than current 4G networks.

The reason for the 5G connections dominating in North America earlier than the rest of the world is the high adoption rates. According to the survey taken by Ericsson, only 25% of the mobile users will be adopting 5G by 2025, and the figure is even lower in the rest of the world.

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The survey also estimated that after North America, the next highest adoption rates for 5G would be seen in Northeast Asia, which is 56% by 2025 and Western Europe, which is 55% by 2025. This is because of the fact that “Countries within these regions have developed economies, enabling a high adoption rate of information and communications technology,” the report concluded.

The notion with 5G will result in more powerful smartphones and more use of AR & VR. What do you think about it? Are you excited for the 5G enabled phones or afraid of being dominated by smartphones?