Beauty rules the royals are forced to follow Lorna Roberts

Imagining what it would be like to be a member of a royal family seems like it would be magical and full of luxury. While that may be true, there is also an aspect of living under a microscope, especially in the digital age when your every move can be scrutinized worldwide in hours, if not minutes. The royal family has rules in place to set and maintain a public persona, and these rules even include makeup and beauty regulations.

Rules Regarding Nails

The hands and nails of royals and celebrities are photographed often when they are in the spotlight, shaking hands with people and interacting with other world leaders. There are rules in place on how to keep nails presentable.
1. Nails must be short and clean: Royals are not allowed to have long nails, and the nails should look clean and taken care of. They should be clipped well and shaped, not jagged. False nails or acrylics are also discouraged for royal ladies.
2. Nails must be pale pink: Nail polish colors that are extremely bright, or extremely dark are discouraged. It’s said The Queen and Kate Middleton are partial to an Essie nail polish shade called “Ballet Slippers” that is a lovely, sheer pale pink tone. While vibrant, dramatic tones are not expressly forbidden, this is a rule the royal ladies tend to abide by.

Rules Regarding Hair

The saying “not a hair out of place” means being cool, calm, collected, and poised. The royals take this literally with rules about hair.
1. Hair must be natural: In essence, this rule is stating hair should be a natural color, i.e. blonde, brown, black, etc.
2. Hair must look kempt: This rule means the royal ladies must have hair that looks brushed, nourished, and polished. They may use hairspray or even hairnets to keep their more complex hairstyles in place when needed.
3.Variety of styles: Depending upon the occasion, a royal lady may be wearing a tiara, a statement-piece hat, or a brand new haircut. Variety and expression are important for royal hair styles.

Rules Regarding Makeup

Makeup certainly makes an impression and sets a tone. Royal ladies know they need to follow guidelines to their makeup application to make sure they send the right messages.
1. Not heavy: You won’t see any dark, intense makeup on a royal lady. Even on nights out, they wear at most a smoky eye. They key is a natural look.
2. Lipstick is encouraged: Lipstick is encouraged for royal ladies, but only in nudes or pinks. The Queen has had her own shade of lipstick since 1952. It’s called “The Balmoral Lipstick”.
3. No touch-ups: Royal ladies must wear long-lasting makeup, because they are discouraged from touching it up in public.
4. Practice good skincare: Royal ladies need to look healthy and glowing, so they take care of their skin as well as possible. Meghan Markle stated tea tree oil is something she loves to use to keep her skin looking fabulous and healthy.