Do you burn more calories when you think hard?

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Working out can be difficult sometimes. It can be hard to get motivated and stay motivated. If you are trying to lose weight, stepping on the scale can be even more demotivating if the numbers don’t reflect the work feel you’re putting into your daily workouts. Half the battle of losing weight is in your mind. The mind will tell you all kinds of things. “Sleep in.” “You don’t need to work out today.” “What are you doing? You’re not getting anywhere with these workouts. You might as well quit.” If you can defeat your mind and shut that voice inside your head down, then you will persevere. It raises the question: do you burn more calories when you think hard?

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As much as the mind works against us, it can also work for us in a positive way if we allow it to. Thinking hard may burn more calories because if you are thinking hard, you are more than likely feeling confident and moving at your best pace. When you are pushing yourself to your limits and saying to yourself, “I can do this!”, a chain of events is set in motion that cannot be undone. Your heart rate increases. The muscles release lactic acid. Those dreaded calories start being used for energy instead of being stored as fat. If you do this every single day, it is then you start noticing the change in yourself. You eventually gain more endurance. You get stronger. You lose weight.

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Thinking hard burns calories by simply allowing us to not go easy on ourselves. If we are hard on ourselves, we are more strict with our diets. We make ourselves get up in the morning and do the workout even when we don’t feel like it at all. We don’t allow ourselves to stray from the path we’ve started on. We create a mindset within ourselves that cannot be trifled with. By doing this, we burn not only calories, we burn negative energy. We enable ourselves to succeed without even really realizing it and one day we look down and our entire body is different. Our entire mind is transformed. This all happened just by thinking hard and burning calories and not allowing ourselves to quit.

Thinking hard to start burning calories may sound easy, but it doesn’t happen just like that for everyone. It takes some serious mediation and willpower from within. Every day is not easy. Some days it will feel like it is easier to just lay in bed and give up. If you can get past those feelings and keep thinking hard, you can keep the change going. Every day you are burning calories, you are transforming your entire life. Keep this mindset. Thinking hard burns calories. Thinking hard burns down the old you. It is like a wildfire. When the fire subsides, all that will be left is the new you standing there and thanking yourself for never giving up. It may be hard today, but rest assured all the hard work will pay off in the end.