Have you ever noticed this detail in “The Lion King”?


The new version of “The Lion King” in the Netherlands has already attracted more than 800,000 viewers. It’s a fine example of animation redone from the original movie, but it appears that the entire film is not animated. There is one real shot in the entire film. You’re probably curious what this shot is …

Of all the Disney classics, “The Lion King” from 1994 is one of the largest. The 2019 remake looks lifelike. The image of the African Savannah with the sun in the background is a classic image, as it’s how the “circle of life” starts. 

All 1,490 shots were made by animators and CG artists. However, one real image was smuggled into the film to see if people would notice it. So far, no one has, as it was so skillfully inserted. 

Source: YouTube

The film has become a huge hit worldwide. In the United States, the opening weekend yielded more than $190 million. The first day that the film was shown in the Netherlands, it set a record. No fewer than 112,000 people went to see it. It was the best opening for a Disney movie ever in the country. If you watch the film again, pay close attention and see if you can find the real shot in it.

Source: YouTube