How can we walk more in our busy schedule? Artens

Do you know if you can’t exercise daily, then it is best to start walking a bit more than usual to maintain your health? But the question remains the same, how to take out time to walk if we don’t have time for exercise?

To answer this question, most of the researchers have explained that people can walk more if the city’s design includes a place near their home or workspace to make sure that people walk. Another thing that helps the people is walk is when the people have their office near their residence.

What can make people walk more?

  • After examining the level of access people have to reach their destination, it was clear that most people choose to walk instead of traveling with public transport. Usually, people want easy access to places like supermarkets, offices, cafes, hospitals, and other important places, in terms of distance, so that they can choose to walk instead of using a vehicle.

Thus, easy accessibility is the one point that can make people walk instead of riding a bike or driving a car.

  • Another way to make people walk more is to look for the time taken to reach a particular destination. If the person stays nearby to their destination and has enough time to reach it then, he might prefer to walk; otherwise, he would opt for a faster mode of transportation.
  • The weather is another factor that determines whether the person would walk to reach his destination or would prefer to use a mode of transportation.
  • Last but not least, another key factor that determines that a person would use a mode of transportation or would walk; is the proper pedestals to walk on the side of the road. If the road is not planned for pedestrians, then they might prefer not to walk to protect themselves from the fear of an accident.

Added benefits of walking:

  • Healthy and pollution-free environment.
  • A healthy lifestyle of the people.
  • Regular physical exercise without any extra efforts.
  • Less traffic and fewer rates of accidents.

A message to the city planners:

  • The design and the transport planning of the city have the potential to deliver a cure to the healthy lifestyle of people. It encourages people to walk more.
  • Planning to make accessible destinations for the daily requirements of the people is another important thing that city planners must keep in mind. It must include workplaces, supermarkets, schools, etc.
  • You can also encourage people to cycle or walk by constructing proper paths for them, which is separate from that of the usual traffic road.
  • City planners that support the people to walk more offer more health benefits to the living people of the society. It would help the city to grow in a healthy and smart city.