How dangerous are beavers?

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Beavers are portrayed in cartoons and television shows as cute, funny creatures. But is that how beavers are in real life? The truth is they can be dangerous to both humans and other animals. The following information tells you everything you need to know about beavers and how dangerous they actually can be.

What is a beaver?

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A beaver is basically a rodent and is considered the largest rodent that is found in the United States. Beavers can be found almost everywhere in North America except for the deserts. They are usually slow-moving and even clumsy while on land. They are, however, much quicker in the water.

There are several interesting facts about beavers. Many people are probably not aware of how long beavers can hold their breath while underwater. They have very large lungs and can hold their breath for approximately 15 minutes while staying underwater. This means they can swim for about half a mile before needing to come up for air.

How dangerous can a beaver be?

While beavers may seem cute and silly with their big front teeth and little beady eyes, they can be quite dangerous. Beavers have extremely large and sharp front teeth. These teeth can slash through a branch that is the size of an average finger in one quick bite.

While beavers usually will not look for trouble and won’t go out of their way to attack humans, they can still be very dangerous. If a human or a pet comes near their territory beavers can become very aggressive. They could attack and even bite another animal or human if the beaver thinks someone is invading their terrain. They have been known to kill dogs.

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Are there actually cases of beavers attacking humans?

Unfortunately, there are cases of beavers actually attacking humans. A man from Belarus tried to come close to a beaver to get a picture in 2013. Unfortunately, he got too close and the beaver bit him. The bite was so severe that it opened an artery in his leg and the man bled to death.

In 2018, a man from Pennsylvania was attacked by a beaver while the man was riding in a kayak. He tried to fight off the beaver with a paddle. The beaver instead started attacking his daughter. The man was eventually able to kill the beaver with a stick. There are also cases of beavers attacking humans when they have been infected with rabies.

Whenever you’re out in nature it’s important to always keep in mind that beavers can be extremely dangerous. While beavers usually won’t attack unless they’re sick or feel provoked, it’s still a good idea to keep a safe distance between you and the animal if you would ever see one.