How pollution affects the health of your skin? Dave Pot
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There is no doubt that the rise of pollution is affecting our skin, just like every other part of our body. Countries like India, Japan, U.S are experiencing a high level of pollution, which is causing damage to the skin and lifestyle of the natives. Most people underestimate the impact of pollution on the health of our skin, but you must understand that it is not something that you might take lighting. Out of all, people of the cities experience a more polluted environment than the people of rural areas. Now, let’s have a look at how pollution is affecting our skin and how we can deal with it. 

Understanding the term pollution

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Pollution typically consists of harmful particles that are the results of fumes, smog, dust, smoke, UV rays, and also the byproducts of other hazardous products from your daily life. However, the real threat to the skin is not of these particles, but it is of the toxic chemicals that attach these particles even before they come in contact with our skin. According to a study, it is estimated that around 5,000- 6,000, more chemicals are found in the smoke of the cigarette.

What are the effects of pollution on the skin?

The first and the foremost result of the sinking of the chemicals and pollutants in your skin is premature aging, followed by acne, dullness, pigmentation, and damage. It is also essential to understand that air pollution is directly proportional to skin damage. It causes many more skin issues like chronic eczema, rashes, acne, deep skin dryness, and flaky skin.

Urban areas might be great for your development from the outside, but it is damaging your skin from the core. The contaminants from factories chimneys usually cause air pollution, resulting in long-term damage to the innermost layer of the skin.

According to research, certain chemicals produce collagen, a protein that increases the skin’s elasticity, resulting in early age wrinkled skin.

Steps to protect your skin from pollution:

Make sure to cleanse your skin daily

You must always carry cleansing wipes or makeup remover pads with you in your purse or bag, car, or travel kit to always have them handy. Also, make sure to wash your face both in the morning and night with an excellent cleanser to remove dirt and extra oil from your skin.

Hydration is the key

Drink as much water and detox water to improve the overall health of your skin and body. Keeping your body detoxified will ensure that your skin shines and protects itself from the damage.

Apply a layer of UV protection

Never forget to step out of the house before applying a moisturizer with SPF. Make sure to apply a generous amount of sunblock on your skin to add an extra layer of protection on your skin.

Keep your skin moisturized

Find the perfect day and night moisturizer according to your skin to fight free radicals in the skin. The moisturizers must contain antioxidants that protect your skin from signs of aging, acne, and decrease fine lines.

Buy the best anti-pollution products

The anti-pollution products are mainly designed to protect your skin from the everyday battle with pollution and also to avoid the long term effects of air pollution.

How can air purifiers protect your skin from air pollution?

Air purifiers can play an essential role in keeping you away from the effects of air pollution. It purifies the air and helps you to avoid your skin from any damage at all. The process of the air purifiers works like – the air passes through a row of filters and eliminates harmful pollutants from it, resulting in clean, breathable, and fresh air around you.

Winding up:

You don’t have to wait until polluted air damages your skin, so start today in making your skin healthy and ready to fight back with proper skincare and health regimen. Start today!