How to keep your bonsai tree happy and healthy


Being a plant lover takes more than it seems. You need to do a lot of research in order to keep your plants healthy and happy. Some plants need more care than others and Bonsai Tree is one of them. If you have been in the “Plant Loving” department for a time now, you would know how difficult is to take care of a Bonsai tree.

But it is only a matter of time that you will learn which things are needed to be followed, in order to keep your new and old Bonsai plant blooming. So if you have just planted the Bonsai plant or have bought it from the market, we have you covered with a few tips that will keep the new tree alive and budding. So scroll down and thank us later!

Bonsai Tree Care – A few tips to follow:

A Bonsai is a miniature tree that is planted within a container. In fact, Bonsai literally means, “Planted in a container” in Japanese. Just like its name implies, this tree is compact in size but can definitely add to the charm wherever it is placed. However, Bonsai plants are not always the simplest plants to care for. Their placement, watering, and fertilization is important.

#1 Place it at a moderate spot

They say, place it at the right spot and watch it grow. The same goes for the Bonsai plants that need to be placed at a moderate spot if you need them to be happy and alive. It is recommended to place it inside the house where enough light gets in. Extreme temperatures can damage the plant and that is the last thing you want.

Source: Pixabay

#2 Consider putting the bonsai tree in a humid tray

Once you have decided a spot for the tree, now it is the time to decide its roots. Of course, you have planted it in a container but consider putting it in a humid tray that will keep the plant hydrated. This will allow the plant to grow. But if this method doesn’t do the trick, you can use a spray bottle to keep the environment around the plant humid and moist.

#3 Water it in just the right amount

Too much watering can cause the roots of the plant to rot and too little watering can weaken the health. So it is really important for you to water the tree in just the right amount and proportion. Simply, allow the water to sit just above the greenery of the tree.

#4 Use specifically calibrated bonsai fertilizer

Added nutrition doesn’t harm anyone, right? A specially calibrated Bonsai fertilizer will provide the plant with all the essential nutrients that are needed for the perfect growth of the plant.