Is vegan protein powder the next big hit in the wellness business? Arisha Ray Singh
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Being vegan is the new cool nowadays. Many celebrities are following a vegan diet and stepping forward against animal cruelty but do you the first question that pops up into our mind is: “Where do they get their proteins”? Well, if you have known, then a proper and plenty of plant sources fulfill the need of amino acids your body needs. In short, if you eat a balanced meal, then protein is not a problem. But there are more accessible ways to get it.

Fulfilling the protein diet in your body

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Well, imagine you are an athlete and looking forward to getting bulky, then specific medical or dietary needs are required to supplement your protein intake. But this is not at all limited to just dairy-based powders and raw eggs. Many brands have come up with vegan protein powder to give you a proper supply of protein in your body while not harming animals. Around $4.64 billion of protein powder has been sold globally, and it is estimated that by 2026, approximately $13.19 billion of it will be sold. Even those who are not vegan are bent more towards plant-based products.

Why did it happen?

It happened because people are becoming more aware of their sensitivities and allergies towards animal products. Health issues like type II diabetes and heart diseases are also one of the major problems leading to a shift on a vegan protein diet. Consumers also began to see not only different facets of their health but also issues related to animal welfare and the environment. Everything is interconnected, which is why vegan protein powder is something that makes sense at a time like this.

Who is it for?

As per the data, men still being the primary consumers of protein powders are not the only ones. Since it’s no longer a single-use, brands are working to make it fit for all sizes of category and culture. It is not only limited to just athletes. It is now more related to wellness, fitness and ethical living change and shift. People with interest in wellness are concerned with more than just bulking up or changing their figure. This way, it is easier to have more common to have a more holistic view of health.

Important ingredients

Many brands include other healthful ingredients to offer consumers more than just proteins. A brand like Super’s Skinny Protein has a mix of pea and hemp proteins. It also includes superfood like alfalfa and green spirulina. A brand names Form Nutrition sells a blend of other beneficial ingredients like super green mixes or digestive enzymes. Sakara Life takes a step bit further by not just offering protein but a combination of greens, digestive enzymes, phytoceramides and B12, which is a boon for mind and body.

Be careful while purchasing

While there are many brands in the market with attractive ingredients in the vegan protein powder, you need to choose wisely. Many brands also include flavorings and sweeteners, which could certainly not be much useful and good for your health. If you are going for organic powder, then make sure it is labeled and certified by USDA organic. Many brands are selling organic vegan powders.

If you are interested in following a vegan diet, then vegan protein powder will be a great help with your meals. You need to go for protein powders as they will help in fulfilling all the requirements your body needs. This article shows that vegan protein powder will bring a revolution in the market within the coming years.