Look after your face by following these three simple steps

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There are two types of people in this world; those that look after their skin and those that don’t. It is easy to know which is which when you step inside someone’s bathroom. The majority of the first category has so many body and facial cleansing products that they could stock an entire pharmacy. The majority of the second category only has a bar of soap. Yet to look after your skin doesn’t require spending hundreds of dollars on facial scrubs, moisturizers, and miracle treatments. With a couple of simple products and a good routine, you can have good skin for life.

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The line between those who look after their faces and those who don’t is one often drawn in gender. The majority of women take some form of care of their face and the majority of men don’t. This makes no sense. It is important for everyone to look after their face not only for aesthetic reasons but because it can keep you fit and healthy for longer. The advice in this article is not just for women but for everyone, there is no gender divide when it comes to healthy skin.

To keep your skin healthy there are three simple rules to follow. The first is pretty obvious. Wash your face. You need to clean your face twice a day. This is a routine that should be separate from your shower. If you use hot water from the shower it may be too harsh on the skin of your face. Instead, after the shower apply some facial cleanser (not expensive) and use cold water to wash it off. This is important to remove all the dirt and grease that has built up throughout the day.

The second requirement is the moisturizer. I know that at the start I said you don’t need lots of expensive miracle treatments but everyone should use some form of moisturizer. Applying moisturizer to your face keeps it soft and supple which will help keep wrinkles away. Choosing a moisturizer is difficult as it depends on your skin type. Go to your local beauty store or pharmacy and get some help in choosing the right cream for you. Never use a body moisturizer on your face as the skin is very different and body lotion is far too tough for the face.

The third rule is the most important. This rule is all about your daily routine. The bonus of this rule is that it is the same advice given for every aspect of healthy life so while this will benefit your face it will benefit everything. You must sleep at least seven hours every night, you must have a solid exercise routine and you must eat healthy food.

By eating a plentiful supply of fruits and vegetables and avoiding artificial sugars and fried fatty foods you are giving yourself a daily boost. This will give your face all the best nutrients that will ensure your face remains spot and blemish-free. Sleep is equally important and it is incredibly frustrating to see people ignore this incredibly important part of a daily routine. People will work so hard in the gym and crucify themselves in the kitchen but when it comes to simply sleeping for a minimum of seven hours, the majority of people can’t or won’t do it. 

The secrets to healthy happy skin are not well hidden. The answers do not lie in weekly spa visits or $500 creams. The solution is not a three-part face mask that robs you of your entire evening. Instead, simply take care of your skin, have a healthy daily routine, and apply a little moisturizer.