Never forget to wash your pillow regularly!


Every night, we lie in bed to enjoy a well-deserved night’s rest. Nothing is better than a clean and fresh bed to lie in. With lovely smelling bed linen, you can sleep like a baby. But many people neglect to take care of their pillow. It’s wise to wash it too!

When we go to bed, we rest our head on the pillow. After a while, bacteria and skin flakes start to build up. The pillowcase is usually washed, but the pillow itself is often forgotten. It is advisable to wash the pillow to get rid of the sweat, dander, and dust mites that it has absorbed. You should change your pillowcase once a week and regularly wash the pillow.

A pillow can keep clean if you wash it about three times a year. However, pay attention to the label before you put a pillow in the washing machine. Is the label no longer attached? Then wash the pillow with warm water and dry on low. Use just a small amount of detergent when washing.

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Dust creeps into your pillow every night. After a few years, your pillow will be double its initial weight. This is not only quite nasty, but it is also not very good for your health. Skin irritation and allergic reactions can result from having a soiled pillow. Cold complaints can also occur.

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If you want to have everything clean at once, then wash the sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover in one go at 60 degrees Celcius. The high temperature will kill all the bacteria present. While everything is in the washing machine, you will have plenty of time to vacuum the bedroom to remove every last bit of dust. Do not forget to also turn your mattress once a month, as this ensures that the life of your mattress is extended.