People from Finland share this rare natural phenomenon. This is what it is.


With years of experience in traveling and decades of living, some people believe they have seen everything. Whether it’s a mind-blowing pyro show or an awe-inspiring attraction in a foreign city, these people are hard to impress by anything new. But, there are still plenty of surreal sights that will change their insight and leave them speechless.

These ice eggs appearing in a shore in Finland, for instance, guarantee to blow their minds. This natural phenomenon is so bizarre that some folks think it was caused by a giant who forgot to cover up his tracks after accidentally flipping his ice coffee.

So, we decided to do a little research and scour the net, to find out what created these wonderfully odd ice eggs. Were these things created by aliens or giants?

Should we prepare for an alien invasion or a titan uprising? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

People in Finland say there’s nothing quite like these balls

These mysterious egg-like formations were discovered in Finland. One of the first witnesses, Risto Mattila, said it’s arguably the most extraordinary thing he has ever seen.

Although he has been residing near the sea for over 20 years, Risto hadn’t seen anything quite like it.

Source: Instagram

Do giants or aliens have something to do with these eggs?

We hate to burst your bubbles, but this phenomenon has nothing to do with aliens, giants or any mythical creatures. As experts suggest, these eggs were caused by some special and rare weather conditions.

To create these ice balls, the air temperature must be below zero and the water temperature should be close to the freezing point.

Additionally, the beach should be shallow and sandy, and it has to be rather windy to form wavelets.

Source: Instagram

These eggs are, for the most part, created around something. Experts say it could be a snow crystal, pebble, small sandstone, trash or a slush layer.

As the water starts to freeze around them, the wind rotates these things, ultimately creating some sphere-like lumps.

And, they keep on growing, until the waves will push them to the shorelines.

Source: Instagram

It’s truly rare because these weather conditions and combinations don’t happen often. If there’s no wind, ice will soon freeze on the shoreline.

And, too much wind can also stop the formation of these ice eggs.

Nature never seizes to amaze us. So, always keep an open mind, and never ever say “you have seen everything”.