The actual theory behind why women clothing don’t come with pockets

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Women’s clothing and pockets don’t come hand in hand. Although some clothing brands do manage to adjust the pockets within the dresses, they tend to be smaller, tighter, and even hardly conducive to carry a smartphone. But why? Well, there are lots of theories behind this bitter fact, and we are about to disclose the most possible one that would make you stop longing for pockets in your clothing. 

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There are many theories regarding the fact of why women’s clothing and pockets don’t make a good combo. Some thought the relationship between women’s wear and pockets is irrational while some thought women actually have handbags and purses to serve the purpose of pockets. Some thought that it takes more time, effort, and thinking to adjust pockets within the women’s wear and on the other hand, some thought this is all due to male dominance in the fashion industry. But what’s the actual reason behind the lack of pockets in women’s clothing? You are just about to find it out!

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Women Clothing is designed to Look Better Instead of Practical 

There it is. We found out recently that why good women clothes lack pockets is because women’s clothing is designed to be more streamlined, fashionable and classy that would make women look better and prettier. And those large, baggy pockets won’t do the trick. Instead of being productive and functional, women’s dresses are more of decorations and less of utility.

Moreover, as the women’s fashion industry went on slimming down, no room was left for the adjustment of pockets. In fact, according to a survey conducted, most women like to carry their essentials, including smartphones and makeup accessories, in pouches that are separate from their clothes.

This all eventually causes a lack of pockets in women’s fashion and a lot of women’s clothing is pocket-less.