This is the world’s tiniest cat!

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If you are the one who believes in “Time spent with cats is never wasted”, then you would love to find the world’s tiniest yet cutest cat, named, Rusty Spotted Cat. The Rusty Spotted Cat is the smallest of all cats that are not much known to the world. There are two species of the Rusty Spotted Cats, one can be found in India and the other in Sri Lanka.

Although the planet Earth is the home to various species of cats, but this species is the smallest and probably the cutest that lives in the wild. These cats were underrated until BBC featured their preview in the latest episode of their show called, Big Cats. The episode showed a near-adult Rusty Spotted Cat that lived in the woods of Sri Lanka. The feline species was seen roaming around the wilds of Sri Lanka, drifting across the woods of the forest and hopping over the water. You would love the exploration of the cat in that episode that made us search and write about it.

Rusty Spotted Cats Can Fit Into Human Palms

What’s more about this cute species of cats is that they are small enough to fit into the palms of humans. The total body length of these cats measures around 35 to 48cm, making them adorably compact and endearing.

These Cats Limit Their Activities During Day Time

In addition to that, it is suggested that these cute little cats do not love to wander within the daylight, so they just come out briefly during the day. Due to this specific nature of the Rusty Spotted Cats, their activity during the daytime is kind of limited and they are mostly seen hidden behind the trees or inside the caves.

Source: Youtube BBC

Their Main Course Varies, if Need Be

Rusty Spotted Cats, as you might expect, love to eat rodents and birds. But their main course varies, depending on the availability. If rodents and birds are scarce, these cats can dart towards smaller prey including frogs, insects, and lizards.

Rusty Spotted Cats Are Named After Their Coat and Pattern

As the name implies, Rusty Spotted Cat’s cuteness comes from their size as well as from their coat. The fur over these cats are rusty in color and have the leopard patterned spots, thus the name, Rusty Spotted Cats.

With all these cute facts comes the bad one! Unfortunately, these cats are also on the list of near-threatened species due to their natural habitat is on the decline due to natural loss and cultivation.