What and how do blind people dream?


What do blind people dream about? Do they dream visually, or are their dreams deeply established in their other senses such as noises, sounds, feelings, and tastes. Well, these are questions that probably may have come up in your discussions with your friends. Those who were born blind don’t understand how sight works.

Although they’ve heard about sight they do not know what it means. Due to this, just like they can’t see in their waking world so they can’t see in their dreams. This means, their experience of dreams is connected to their senses.

Those who were not born blind will dream in pictures

According to Danish research carried out in 2014, blind people who were born with vision usually dream in pictures. However, after some time, this gradually reduces until they no longer dream in pictures. Think of the instances when you would have a hard time remembering what your lost relatives and friend looked like without pictures to remind you. It’s believed that new memories that are rooted in things apart from the sight usually clear the old visual dreams.

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Those who were born blind tend to have nightmares

As compared to the non-blind people, those who were born blind tend to experience more nightmares. According to studies, they tend to have even up to 4 times more nightmares than their visual counterparts. Typically, nightmares refer to the mental rehearsals of the potentially distressing events that have been formed as coping mechanisms to make us feel better about then when we finally wake up.

For the blind, everyday experiences come with several problems and hazards, such as getting hit by a car or even getting lost while shopping. These, together with happenings such as losing their guide.