What is the best limoncello?

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Suppose you are on holiday in Italy. The first thing you buy is, of course, a few bottles of limoncello to take home. Limoncello is originally from Italy, so these ones are much tastier than the Dutch versions. At least, you would think so …

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The limoncello from the company Drunken Monkey from Peize was recently awarded the best and tastiest limoncello in the world.

Source: Flickr

Seven months a year, over four hundred liqueur and wine experts blindly test and award points to all drinks and liqueurs. The International Wine & Spirit Competition has been around for 50 years now. Each drink or liqueur can score a maximum of 100 points. The Drunken Monkey limoncello won the most points, giving first place to the Netherlands.

And it didn’t stop there! The relatively young company eventually won no fewer than three medals. The makers of this limoncello put a great deal of time and energy into achieving this result. The peeling and filtering are all done by hand, since they can work more precisely this way.

Source: YouTube

After the win, the producers of Drunken Monkey could hardly believe that their limoncello was among the best in the world, especially since mega-sized companies entered the competition. Their phone was ringing off the hook from all the enthusiastic reactions from people who wanted to congratulate the winner. The company will never forget receiving this award for the tastiest limoncello in the world