When is the right time to renovate the bathroom

Shutterstock.com/ Artazum

The bathroom in every person’s home should be a happy place. It should be a place where you can disappear after a long day and have a long bath or shower. It should be a place that you enjoy going before a night out with friends to do your makeup or have a shave. Yet many bathrooms are not like this. Today there are too many bathrooms that are places you want to spend as little time as possible in. They are places where even when it is clean, there is always a smell that it is a little off. They are places that you hide from your friends and when they ask to use your bathroom you prefer to tell them it is on the blink rather than tell them you are utterly ashamed of it. If this sounds like you, it is time to redo that bathroom. 

Is the lighting terrible?

I am not sure what year it changed but very old bathrooms are dark decrepit places. Modern bathrooms are full of light and brightness. If your bathroom is too dark and depressing this is the first sign that something must be done. This may be as simple as a new coat of paint or it could mean installing new windows to ensure natural light can reach the room. In terms of paint, white is making a huge comeback and is the safest solution for the longterm. If you moved away from white because you had young kids and knew they would keep it filthy, it is now time to come back to it.

Is it a mess?

A cluttered room does not create a happy space. If the room around the sink is cluttered with things belonging to every member of the family, you must do something. It can be tricky, the best place for the toothbrush is by the sink, where else? The best place for soaps, shampoos, razors, body creams, treatments, face masks, shaving kits, beard combs, waxes, and more, is beside the sink. However, if we leave everything we need next to the sink we will no longer be able to admire our sink. We came up with a simple solution in our family. Every member of the family gets a basket. In that basket are one individual’s items. When they go to the bathroom they simply grab their basket from under the sink and use that. Goodbye to all that clutter build up.

Are you being honest?

Sometimes when we look at our bathroom it can fool us into thinking everything is alright. The solution here is to take some pictures and show them to friends or family. Tell them you are renovating and that no matter what they say you won’t be insulted. Don’t be surprised if most of them still avoid saying anything negative. As a solution, you should ask direct questions that they will have to be truthful with. “Is the color terrible, what color would work better?”

Are there leaks?

The first time your bathroom leaks it is not a big deal. That is something you can put up with. So what if every time you turn on the cold tap a little war runs out of the bottom of the sink and on to the countertop? It is just water and after one swipe it is clean. Yet after a while, these leaks build up. Soon there are too many leaks to ignore and those that you have been ignoring have either left a stain or a permanent smell in your bathroom. It is time to act.

An old bathroom should be the first place you look to renovate in your home. Even if no one else sees it, you need your own happy place to relax. Make your bathroom feel like that, starting today.