Why it is important to regularly clean your fridge

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It’s not the nicest job in the house, and that’s why many people forget about it: cleaning the fridge. We are willing to do other things in the house, like vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, or wiping windows. But how often does the fridge really need to be cleaned?

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If you want to clean the fridge, you quickly run into an annoying problem: You have to empty the entire fridge or at least move the items on every shelf. So, it is understandable that you sometimes postpone this task. We’re here to explain how important it is to clean the interior of your refrigerator.

A bottle or open container sometimes drips a little in the fridge. Try to clean this immediately, so you do not get mold and odors.

Wipe the outside of the refrigerator once a week. Take a little warm water with some soap, and wipe the front, the handles, and the sides of the door. This way, you always have a clean fresh fridge.

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If you want to prevent mold and nasty odors, wipe down the drawers and trays once a week, though preferably daily. If you want to do it thoroughly, it is best to remove the drawers and clean them with soapy water.

The top of the fridge is also sometimes forgotten. The top catches a great deal of dust, so try to clean it regularly. How often you have to do that depends on the amount of dust in your home.

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These days, fridges are often built into the kitchen, so you can’t get to all sides of it. If you have a separate refrigerator, do not forget to clean underneath. There is usually just a great deal of dust, but fallen food scraps are sometimes also under there.

The rubbers at the door ensure that the refrigerator closes properly and no cold is lost. But food and debris can get stuck between the rubbers. If you leave this for too long, there is a chance that the door will not close properly. So, clean the rubbers at least once every three months.