Why you need a cutting garden

Shutterstock.com/ Andris Tkacenko
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Gardening is a hobby that has been around for a long time. Many people take incredible pride in their garden and love when they can spend time sitting out in their beautiful space to read a book or when passers-by pay it a compliment. However, if you are really in love with your garden you will find it difficult to cut any flowers away to display them in your home. Follow our tips and you can have both.

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Surely one of the best parts of growing beautiful flowers is that you can bring some indoors put them in a vase and have incredible looking flowers that smell beautiful enriching your home. Yet so many gardeners refuse to cut flowers from the lawns that they feel are almost perfect. 

The solution is to create a cutting garden. A cutting garden is a portion of your garden that you create with the sole purpose of growing flowers to be cut. It may be somewhere out of the way, away from the main flowers that you are growing behind your house. 

The key problem with a normal garden is that if you start to cut flowers away you leave large gaps that make it look strange. With a cutting garden, the whole point is to cut large parts away. Try and find a space that is ideally 3 x 6 foot long and you will be able to fit around 20 plants but you can really make any space work. Plan your cutting garden to be quite dense with a mixture of stem lengths and blooming seasons so that something is always growing. Don’t worry about how the cutting garden will look aesthetically it is there only to provide flowers for your home. So pack it densely but ensure all plants have enough space to survive.

Don’t treat this garden any worse than your other gardens, it should be treated with the same rich soil to ensure these flowers can go strongly. It is best to plant full rows in your garden to ensure there are few gaps and to make access easier when it is time to cut. If you do find any gaps when cutting you can always fill them in with some herbs.

A cutting garden is the best way to keep your garden looking good and ensure that you have some beautiful flowers in your home as well. If you don’t have the space to dedicate to a cutting garden, don’t worry. As a backup plan, you can plant some of your favorite flowers that you plan to cut in your existing garden. Just make sure that you space them out enough so that when you cut them you are still left with a beautiful garden as well. 

Your choice of flowers will depend on your taste and where you are living. We love the look of sunflowers in the garden and in a vase and it can grow in most locations quite well. Definitely add a few sunflowers to your garden. The best shrub for cut flowers has always been the hydrangea. We also love lilacs in our flower vase but you must take note that they are not long-lasting. Once cut, a lilac will only last for four or five days. It is still worth it for the incredible fragrance that will fill your home. 

With these tips, we hope you can start your own cutting garden and have beautiful flowers inside and outside your home all year round. If you do try your own cutting garden we would love to see some photos of your projects.